Turkish Food Centre

The first TFC supermarket was established in 1980 at Dalston, under the name of Turkish Food Centre, in response to this demand. However our product range was increased when we realized that our customers wanted to buy products from other countries in our supermarkets. Today our supermarkets sell products from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, other Mediterranean countries and Africa.


However the service philosophy of our supermarkets remains the same, that is providing personal service to each customer, similar to the service the small shop keepers used to provide, in the old days ,but in a modern setting. Our customers are able to buy everything they need under one roof in our supermarkets. Customers have the choice of buying as little or as much as they need by using our serviced counters where all fruit, vegetables, meat and delicatessen items are weighed-out to demand.


We have in-store bakery in every supermarket. This enables us to provide fresh bread, pastries, Turkish sweets and savory products.

The Continental Food Exchange

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